SOMAVAC® Medical Granted US Patent

SOMAVAC® Medical Granted US Patent

SOMAVAC® Medical Solutions, Inc. announces the granting of US Patent (11,078,898) covering its SOMAVAC® SVS smart surgical drain management platform. The SOMAVAC® SVS is the ONLY smart surgical drain pump that has been cleared by the FDA to prevent seromas in plastic and general surgery. The SOMAVAC® SVS applies continuous suction at the end of a surgical drain to remove fluid effectively and may reduce the risk of seromas or hematomas. Seromas and/or hematomas can lead to complications like infection, delayed wound healing and revision surgery.

SOMAVAC® SVS is now available in select regions in the US and is most commonly used for mastectomies, breast reconstructions, hernia repairs, tummy tucks and complex orthopaedic procedures.

Since the 1970s, manual JP bulbs and accordion-style suction devices have been connected to surgical drains for fluid removal. These manual suction bulbs are cumbersome and inconsistent in applying suction and removing fluid leading to stagnation and fluid build-up; i.e., seroma or hematoma. Seromas are associated with complications like infection and delayed wound healing, thus leading to poor outcomes. The smart continuous suction and one-way valve of the SOMAVAC® SVS minimize stagnation and backflow, respectively.

The longer the surgical drains and bulbs remain in place; the higher the risk of infection becomes for the patient. For patients with a mastectomy and immediate breast reconstruction with tissue expanders, the risk of infection increases to almost 25 percent, indicating 1 in 4 patients will get an infection after 3 weeks with drains. SOMAVAC® SVS delivers the robust suction that has been shown to shorten time with drains.

Each year in the US, there are over 1 million patients being discharged from hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers to their home with surgical drains; approximately 20 percent experience seromas, leading to complications and requiring painful and costly interventions. These interventions add an estimated $6 Billion to the U.S. healthcare system.

In addition to its health benefits, the SOMAVAC® SVS can be discretely worn under clothing and can help patients return to normal activities while recovering.